Dry Stock and Bucks Receive no mammary scores, but whenever possible we like to include them in our appraisal sessions.

     The Mt. Pleasure herd travels to shows in Missouri and in our home state of Arkansas. We have been Premier Alpine Breeder at the Arkansas State Fair for five years, from 2005 - 2008 and 2010. The herd is small, but quality is consistent and deep. We have competed against those greater in numbers to win these coveted awards.

     It has taken Selective Breeding and excellent herd management to achieve Mt Pleasure's numerous "Best of Breeds" and "Best in Shows".

CAE Free Herd

   The Mt. Pleasure herd is proud to present a group of Alpines that illustrates the results of years of genetic selection for milk production and winning conformation. The production records reported in this listing are earned on Standardized USDA tests and we use this accepted format to share them with you.

   The Linear Appraisal Scores will be reported using the American Dairy Goat Association approved format.

General Appearance


Dairy Character



yr / mo

Body Capacity


Mammary System


E =  Excellent 90 - 100 % of ideal
V = Very Good 85 - 89 % of ideal
+ = Good 80 - 84% of ideal
A = Acceptable 70 - 79% of ideal

Maddie and Al Kiefer